How Do I Figure Out What To Do With My Life?

Many people debate about what to do with their life. What kind of job? What is their purpose? Etc.

Well, thanks to Greater & Grander, we’ve consolidated resources for you in one place, in the below series of tests and resources to find your true calling.

How to figure out what you want to do?

The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. You can find out what you like to do, based on your past experiences. It may not give you the exact answer, but it will point you in the right direction.

The O*NET Interest Profiler is recommended by the U.S. Dept of Labor, and helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore.

On each screen, click the Next button at the bottom to continue. You can use the Back button at the bottom to re-read the instructions or change your answers. It will give you a tiered list of suggestions based on salary and education required.

Core Values, Personal Values, List of Values

The career direction that works best for us often depends a lot on our personal and work values. There’s an assessment online that helps to discover work values and there are lists of personal values that you can look through online. If the idea of exploring values resonates with you, check out this link to Career One Stop.

Journey Journal for Success

Another good exercise is to write down all the things you love and hate, and go from there.

Start by writing a list of things that you like. At first, write it all down. No idea is a bad idea.

Out of that list look at which ones you could turn into a career.

Then do a third list and work out if it is something that you can make money from.

It will be a little out of your comfort zone at 1st. But stick at it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself & set you on your path.

Informational Interview Questions

Once you have your list of ideas, consider scheduling informational interviews with people who already have those positions. Start by connecting with people in that industry on LinkedIn.

See if you can ask them detailed questions and their role, the pluses and minuses. Some informational interview questions can include:

  • What is your average day like?
  • How stressful is the position?
  • What is the average career span of someone in this field?

If you can, do a work experience day (you’re never too old), or get volunteer experience in the new role; you can also find volunteering opportunities at VolunteerMatch.

Free Education

We are lucky to be alive today, because there are now more resources for free education than at any other time in history.

If you are interested in a subject, take free courses on EDX, Coursera, or even free tutorials on YouTube.

With many of them, you can even get a certification for only a small payment.

Work Life Balance

Ultimately, whatever job you pursue, it’s only going to be a portion of your life. Outside of how you earn a living, you can choose how to spend your leisure time.

It is all about looking within yourself. Knowing what you like and dislike and why. Ultimately it’s about designing your work and life for you.

It takes answering the right questions and trying things.

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