How Lux Stages, XR and NEP Studios Failed

There are many wannabe production companies and vendors in Hollywood who don’t know what they’re doing. Flightiness and poor organization is a hallmark of creatives. However, none is more incompetent than recently displayed XR Studios, and Lux Stages.

In a recent event organized by the group, they made every possible mistake one could think of.

Their event was poorly organized, not even providing the right address for the event, instead giving the address of a parking lot, one block over. The parking lot was not affiliated with the event, and closed at 7, locking some perspective clients in overnight.

If you were tenacious enough to find the actual event, you were greeted with a disorganized mess, where (among other issues) the front desk greeter required you wear a mask for Covid safety, and then did not enforce the mandate.

In addition, the event promised free food, but then stated that the food was only provided at the end of the event. If you ask 4-dozen people to attend an event, at dinner time, promising food, you’re not doing yourself any favors by then keeping them starving for 2 hours while they do their dog and pony show.

And when I did ask about the food, all I got were snarky remarks and rude attitudes.

If their promotional events are this poorly organized, god only knows how disorganized their shoots are.

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