Interview With Star of A HAUNTING AT SILVER FALLS; THE RETURN, Laura Janin Flannery

Laura Flannery began her acting career at Story Land, a children’s theme park in City Park, New Orleans.

Looking to expand beyond the stage, she signed with a talent agency at the age of 13 and began on-screen acting. A week later she booked her first principal role in a national commercial.

Today she continues to study and perform in commercial, film and television. You can find her in television shows such as American Horror Story: Freak Show as Jane, Claws as Kelly, The Astronaut Wives Club as Susie and more. She also has performed in over 30 films like Trumbo, The Golden Rut (as twins), Tattooed Love, Rightfull (Coming Soon), and of course A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return

What was the most fun part of working on the film? 

I would have to say the best part about working on AHASF:TR was getting to know my cast & the beautiful location of Silver Falls. I also really enjoyed working with Teo Konuralp, the director, and how much work went into making this character.

As an actor, we are always eager to get juicy roles like this to fully express our art. With that said, another great thing about my cast was they too were just as interested in the work. I had so much fun practicing scened with James Cavlo, since so many of our scenes were together. It is always fun to see how other actors prepare and practice their art. He taught me one exercise of throwing a ball back and forth as we said our lines to one another, a great tool I still use today with other cast members!

Laughter was contagious with this cast, I remember having to separate myself from them before serious scenes. I still enjoy keeping in touch with Clemmie, Harry and James! So thankful to have made life long friends!  

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What was it like to shoot in Oregon?  

Oregon was absolutely beautiful! When we first got to Silver Falls it was white with snow with greens peeking through. The following morning the snow had completely melted. We got the best of both worlds! It was fun for me, but I am sure it was tough for the script supervisor and director to keep continuity! 

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What was the scariest part of working on such a scary movie? 

I dug pretty deep for this role, so there were some dark thoughts I scared myself with. On top of that, one night our entire hotel, and I think the whole little town, lost electricity! Our hotel was pitch black, that was a scary moment. I had purchased some candles to make my room more homie and because I like relaxing in the bath, so I told everyone to come to my room. We ended up having a great time and ordered pizza.

Another really scary (but ultimately hilarious moment) was a scene that involved a stunt driver and all 4 of us, well 3, the stunt driver was playing as Harry. After seeing Ann’s ghost we were exploding out of Dr. Parrish’s cabin into the car where we had to put our seat belts on and let the stunt driver know we were in. Following this he was peeling out in reverse into what would of been a very steep drop off a cliff. I don’t know what it is about fear and us, but it made us laugh so hard while wanting to pee our pants!

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What was the most challenging part of bringing the script to life? 

I will say finding what your truly scared of and then allowing your mind to scare yourself is difficult. Teo did a great job of getting me there when he knew I could go deeper. He also was extremely comforting after these vulnerable moments. 

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What do you love about the character you play? 

Jordan is a Boss! I mean I get scared when I see a roach, but here I am playing Jordan who carries her injured boyfriend through dark hallways, up stairs, and in the dark woods looking for a ghost! The ability to see ghosts is is one thing, to try and seek them out is a whole other level of courage! 

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Who’s the funniest cast member to work with? 

Clemmie & Harry together are the funniest duo! It got to a point where Clemmie or Harry could just look at me and I would start laughing. They are wild and free and I love them so much! 

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Why did you get into the entertainment industry? 

I think growing up as an only child has something to do with my want to perform and make people smile & laugh. I also love talking & learning about physiology, why people are the way they are is so interesting to me. Without brothers and sisters to play games with, I would literally talk or dance with myself in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with this either, I think it’s funny & maybe the reason why I am so comfortable in my own skin today. That is the first thing a performer needs to do as well, you can’t take on another life without fully finding yourself. I will admit, I am not there 100%, but growing up by myself in a way has made me stubborn enough to think I am.

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What was the first project you worked on?  

The first big project I worked on was The Green Lantern as an extra for 2 weeks straight. I was in the crowd running from Parralex. It was so much fun and I made some life long friends, Ally Burguieres & James Braendel.

What are your future goals? 

I am not sure what my goals were when I started but now I would have to say consistently booking roles that I find challenging and interesting. I always want to remain as a good role model for young girls.

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What difficulties (if any) did you encounter in Hollywood? 

When living in Hollywood, I found it difficult connecting or finding people with similar personalities or interests. Not to say I didn’t make some amazing friends, but at first it was very hard. It’s a tough place out there and finding yourself before moving there is ideal or you will be extremely influenced by ego and image. 

What did you do for a day job while looking for showbiz work?

I saved up as a headshot photographer and to this day work as a headshot photographer. I love helping others find their way in this difficult business and always remind my clients, not everyones path to success will be the same. 

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When did you decide to stop working for free?  

Great question, this is something I still struggle with as a photographer when working with models or friends. As an actress, I would have to say I stopped working for free once I had an agent and felt my demo reel was up to speed. I worked on some friends projects in the early stages for free, but soon came to realize it isn’t worth it if your also bringing your own wardrobe, doing your own makeup while trying to also do a great performance. There is a reason these occupations exist. 

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What are the biggest mistakes a person can make when they first start working in the industry?

Make sure you are entering this industry for the right reasons. Don’t ever forget to listen to yourself, your scene partner, coaches, director and other advice from established actors. 

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What’s the biggest thing you depend on, on set?

I think that has to be myself and my past. The adventures and upsets in my mind to which I use to establish moments. They are so near and dear to my heart.  

If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?

I moved to Los Angeles at a good time in my life and career, good momentum. Unfortunately,  a boy got in the way and I wasn’t fully focused. We were long distance as he lived in Austin. I didn’t socialize and do as many things as I wish I had done as I was always on the phone with him. He eventually became slightly miffed at the idea of me being an actress. After filming the Golden Rut in Austin, I moved in with him. It wasn’t a bad thing for my career, lots of tv and commercials.

Actually, I wouldn’t be Jordan if it wasn’t for Austin. Truthfully, you can be successful with anything you do anywhere, but my heart still wants me to go back to Los Angeles. I also remind myself that we can live one place and fly to wherever we need to go, it is the 21st century! 

What motto do you try to live your life by?

Stay in the present moment! 

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