A New Flag for L.A.

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This flag design was proposed by Ricardo Tomasz. It is designed to represent Los Angeles’ diversity, particularly in the culinary arts. The blue streams are meant to represent the optimistic sunrise that many new citizens feel upon arriving on Los Angeles’ shores. The X in green is meant to represent a final destination, while the tops are flared in order to create a similarity to chopsticks, representing the diverse nature of Los Angeles cuisine.

The Green X is specifically chosen to represent Los Angeles’ farms and the olive trees that dotted the city’s early landscape.

The Lassen Street Olive Trees, also known as 76 Mature Olive Trees, are a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument located in the Chatsworth community of the northwestern San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, Southern California.

An avenue (alleé) of Olive trees (Olea europaea) were planted in 1890 along a then dirt road by N. A. Grey, who owned property there. They are believed to have been grown from cuttings taken from the Spanish Colonial c. 1800 planted olive orchard trees at the Mission San Fernando Rey de España across the Valley.[2]

When the site was designated a Historic-Cultural Monument in 1967, there were 76 olive trees along several blocks of western of Lassen Street. According to the Chatsworth Daughters of the American Revolution chapter, there are 49 trees surviving/remaining in the 2010s.[2]

Why Flags Matter

Why Los Angeles Needs A New Flag

As was stated in the recent online petition:

Los Angeles is currently undergoing a profound transformation. Development is booming, neighborhoods are thriving, and the very heart of our city is growing and adapting to meet the demands of an ever-changing 21st century. We are not just home to celluloid dreams and iconic landscapes, but also to a growing tech industry, world-class cultural centers, and the fastest growing mass transit system in the country. We are in the midst of a stunning revival and, as such, will host the 2028 Olympics. We have set a course to strengthen and transform our city, to create a more sustainable L.A., and right now all eyes are on us. It’s time we show the world how beautiful, creative, and united we truly are.

Sign the online petition and click below to purchase a memento of your favorite design.

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