New Flag for Los Angeles

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This flag design was proposed by Ricardo Tomasz. It is designed to represent Los Angeles’ diversity, particularly in the culinary arts. The blue streams are meant to represent the optimistic sunrise that many new citizens feel upon arriving on Los Angeles’ shores. The X in red is meant to represent a final destination, while the tops are flared in order to create a similarity to chopsticks, representing the diverse nature of Los Angeles cuisine.

The Red X is specifically chosen to represent Los Angeles’ farms and the vinyards that dotted the city’s early landscape.

California wine has a long and continuing history, and in the late twentieth century became recognized as producing some of the world’s finest wine. While wine is made in all fifty U.S. states, up to 90% (by some estimates) of American wine is produced in the state. California would be the fourth largest producer of wine in the world if it were an independent nation.[1]

 Starting in the early 1930s, commercial viticulture in California was mostly based in Southern California.[3]California’s first documented imported European wine vines were planted in Los Angeles in 1833 by Jean-Louis Vignes, the first commercial wine maker in the state. William Wolfskill, another major early wine maker in California, purchased his first vineyard in 1838 in the Los Angeles area. By 1858 he owned 55,000 vines across 145 acres.[4]Vignes and Wolfskill were the two major figures in California wine making in the 1830s and 1840s. Their success attracted others and increased interest in wine cultivation in Southern California.[5]

Why Flags Matter

Why Los Angeles Needs A New Flag

As was stated in the recent online petition:

There is no doubt that we are one of the greatest, most influential cities in the world. Wired Magazine recently named us the “#1 City of Tomorrow,” and even the New York Times admitted, “Los Angeles is enjoying a renaissance with a burgeoning art, fashion and food scene that has become irresistible to the culturally attuned.” But the one thing we’re missing, the one thing every great city deserves, is a great flag. Our current flag is neither recognizable, nor symbolic, nor representative of us, as a city or as Angelenos. Most people don’t even know it, and because they don’t know it, they don’t fly it.

Sign the online petition and click below to purchase a memento of your favorite design.

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  1. Seb says:

    I like this new flag. But it kinda ruins the greatness of the current one

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