Old London Town Theme Park Proposal 2

Old London Town
London Themed Land And Attractions
A Greater & Grander Proposal

Old London Town Materials

Materials to build Old London Town will predominantly be standard building materials, such as concrete, glass, steel, and brick.  However, these materials will be presented in our stratified approach, using sculpted concrete on a portion of a building to resemble the exterior stones of a castle, while using concrete on a different portion of a building to resemble classical marble pillars.  The more modern blocks will incorporate a large amount of steel and glass to represent cosmopolitan icons of downtown London.

For icons such as the Victoria and Albert museum, we will use a brick facade, but complimented with a hyper-saturated coat of cherry red auto paint. Door knobs will be the traditional brass, and also be centered in the door, after classical British architecture.  Door knockers will also have an aged brass look, and be in the style of classic British manors.

Throughout the land there will be sections of building designed to look like wood.  However, we’ll actually use fiberglass or carbon bowl epoxy, which with the right paint color can appear as wood, and almost feel like wood, but will actually be a strong, durable, non-flammable material that will give the sturdy impression of a rustic British lodge.

Similarly, we can use carved concrete to simulate a facade of classic (and even ancient) stonework.

 The design of the road will be the classic London cobblestone.

Old London Town Landscape

There are three key types of landscape arrangements to be utilized in Old London Town:

Ornamental Plant Boxes – Multicolored plant boxes placed on the window sills of our facades, in order to add color and nature for our guests and shoppers, with flowers designed to attract butterflies.  In addition, these plant boxes will be used to hide fine mist sprays, which will cool and alleviate our visitors during the warmer months.

Classic British Garden Arrangements – Built along and in between our ride queues, these classical garden arrangements, inspired by the landscaping design in the Royal Botanical Gardens, will provide color and refreshment to our visitors.

Street Level Trees – To provide shade and aesthetically pleasing landmarks, we will plant trees on the various streets and plazas within our land.  These will be trees that are native to London, such as the Beech tree.

Old London Town Graphics

Signage and graphic design will play an important part in the immersion of our guests in this world.  Even safety and directional graphics will be heavily themed, including specific fonts, and color scheme.

Planned Color Scheme and Fonts below.

Fonts: Old English;

Ghost Graphic Examples – Several examples of ghost graphics, implying London’s routes, can be found here.

Story Graphics – Graphics used to give backstory to our shops

Wayfinding Graphics – Designed to emulate London’s classic street signs.

Old London Town Shop Ideas

Tea Shop – The British are one of the largest tea consumers in the world, with each person consuming on average 1.9 kg per year. Tea is usually black tea served with milk and sometimes with sugar. Strong tea served with lots of milk and often two teaspoons of sugar, usually in a mug, is commonly referred to as builder’s tea for its association with builders and more broadly with the working class.

Classic British Rock Record Store – British rock describes a wide variety of forms of music made in the United Kingdom. Since around 1964, with the “British Invasion” of the United States spearheaded by the Beatles, British rock music has had a considerable impact on the development of American music and rock music across the world. Grandfather Clock – “Father Time” is a quaint store that focuses not just on grandfather clocks, but on the passage of time, and people’s roles in the long path of history.  Who produced the first longcase clocks is disputed. British clockmaker William Clement, who disputed credit for the anchor escapement with Robert Hooke, made longcase clocks by 1680.

Old London Town Food & Restaurants

To avoid the feeling of a large food hall, the restaurant(s) will have several entrances and sub-areas that will make it feel more cozy.  Each entrance will have a pictorial Pub Sign out front, similar to the British tradition of pub and restaurant signs, utilizing puns, and also using our theme of Unity.

The menu will include several British classics adapted to the local dietary concerns and needs, including;

  • Fish & Chips (Fish and French Fries)
  • Bangers & Mash (Sausage & Mashed Potatoes)
  • Shepherd’s Pie (Ground Meat Pie with Delicious Crust)
  • Steak & Kidney Pie (Savory Beef and Kidney Pie)
  • Christmas Cake (Soft Fruit Cake)
  • Full Breakfast (Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, and Baked Beans)
  • Lamb & Chips (Lamb and French Fries)

Old London Town Sound Design

In order to fulfill our Unity narrative, we want to portray many different versions of London.  Each city block will have its own style and theme, including royal block, Arthurian block, modern block, etc.  The sound and music of each block will be slightly different, but overall cohesive.

Old London Town Soundscape

External soundscapes can include a rich soundbed of the bank of the River Thames, lifting of the London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace Guards marching. 

Internal soundscapes can include a rich soundbed of a crackling fireplace, the ticking of a grandfather clock, or a wood burning stove. 

Old London Town Music

The music for this land should be chipper and upbeat, designed for a family friendly experience.  Key themes of the music should include harmony, concert, and fellowship.  This will mean that while songs performed on each block will vary based on style, they will have common elements, and possibly common melodies.  An ideal set up for the audio system would be an 8-stereo-track recording, where each track is the same melody, but are different genres and styles that match to each of the respective 8 blocks in Old London Town. 

To embrace the theme of unity, performances by groups will be essential, whether it is a band of medieval waites, chamber music, orchestras, choirs, pop & rock bands (the Beatles or the Kinks), or even the Spice Girls.  Whetever the music choice is, the songs chosen have to embody British culture.  Examples include: British Grenadiers, Greensleaves, and Durham Concerto; Come Together by the Beatles, Spice Girls’ Say You’ll Be There, Imagine by John Lennon, All For One by the Stone Roses, and Join Together by The Who.   

Old London Town Sound Effects

To provide our land with a feeling of life and authenticity, various sound effects will be incorporated into the sound system and audio tracks. 

External sound effects will include sounds of transportation, but will be unique to each block.  For example, Arthurian block will have the sounds of horses on cobblestone and whiny’ing, while modern block will have sounds of trains, and Thames block will have sounds of boats.  Guests will also hear the periodic calls of shopkeepers with British accents, hawking their goods.

Interior sounds can be tea boiling, and quaint British expressions, such as, “Fancy a cuppa?” or “Bloody cheeky.” Also, because of Big Ben, and classic British grandfather clocks, both interiors and exteriors should have clock chimes on the hour.  This will most likely have to be done with speakers throughout the park, to present a unified chime.

Old London Town Smells

Artificial smells are a key cornerstone of theme parks and presenting an immersive experience.  The smells of Old London Town will include several localized smells that give the cozy atmosphere, including the smells of dust, grass, burning logs, horses, fresh baked bread, and the smell roses.

Old London Town Special Effects

Throughout Old London Town, there will be vents and grates that will be hidden into the design, that are designed to pump out steam and artificial fog (with the pleasant and appropriate scents) designed to replicate the iconic London Fog.  Pumped out at the appropriate times of day to heighten the experience, it will present a magical effect for our guests.

Old London Town Mood Board

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