Opinion: Why Is California So Great

The reason California is such a success, the most powerful state economy in the country, is because we’ve embraced Liberal values!

We have progressive taxes and reinvest that money into human infrastructure, like the UC system, like tradesman training programs, like creating jobs in research, technology, and green energy.

If California takes a turn to the right, we will turn into Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, states with high unemployment, low quality of life, crippled economies, and skyrocketing opioid addiction.

Just look at how Hurricane Harvey decimated Houston, which was famous for poorly regulated building codes, or Florida, where Republican Governor Rick Scott denied climate change so hard that he forbid state employees from even using the term. And just like Texas and Florida, right-leaning policies will result in people dying.

The California economy is a beacon for other states and nations, and it didn’t happen by accident.

And even though it took decades of investment to build it up, one bad governor could tear it all down. The last Republican governor nearly bankrupted this state, and we can’t risk our children’s future with a blind turn to the right.

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