Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude, Melissa Friedman; S2 E17

On this week’s episode, we’re chatting with Melissa Friedman who has produced TV Series, including The Bay and Smiley.  We discuss the importance of having a good attitude when you’re first starting out, dealing with insecurities in the entertainment industry, and the one reality show that almost killed her.  Melissa began her career in the reality TV space in New York, before moving out to Los Angeles, and also previously served as Vice President and Chair of the Producers Guild, AP Council.  

Credits Include…

The Bay starring Eric Nelson and Vivica A. Fox

A Day in the Life of Plain Jen starring Larry Mathews and Carrie Lynn Certa

Smiley starring John Moran

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead starring Phil Staples

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Music is Hungaria by Latché Swing

Episode still image is by Ricardo Tomasz on Greater & Grander.

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