Organize Script Reading, Recording, & Editing


Bring your script to life through a captivating Live Table-Reading! With 8 talented actors, we organize a dynamic and engaging table-read event that showcases the beautiful essence of your screenplay.


We do more than simply host the table-reading; we handle all the behind-the-scenes tasks. This includes reaching out to producers and industry experts, inviting them to attend. It’s a chance for you to connect with key industry figures and ensure your script is seen by the right eyes.

But our service doesn’t end there. We provide a professional audio recording and meticulous editing, transforming your table-reading into a polished, radio-style drama. This valuable asset can be shared with financiers, potential collaborators, and decision-makers.

Don’t let your script remain in the shadows. Invest in our Live Table-Reading service today and propel your screenwriting ambitions into the limelight.

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