Professional Video Ads / Production (Stock Sources)


Your videos promote brand awareness, improve online presence, humanize your brand, boost engagement, build trust, and can be inexpensive and easy to produce.  The ultimate benefit of video marketing for your small business is creating sales.


Elevate your presence with professionally crafted video content that captures attention. Our service offers the production and editing of compelling videos, ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes, utilizing top-notch stock visuals and attracting voiceovers. Your deliverables will be of the highest HD or 4K quality.

For just $1,550 per spot, or $1,250 per spot with multiple ad buys, you can secure your place in the spotlight.

With our package, you’ll receive comprehensive services, including editing, touch-ups, sound design, and color correction. Plus, we offer the flexibility to accommodate additional models and hair/makeup based on your project’s unique scope for a practical and affordable fee.

Don’t miss this opportunity to shine and be seen. Invest in your visibility today!

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