Progressive Artists Zoom Group – Jan 20th

We are announcing a new initiative at Greater & Grander. We as progressive artists cannot sit idly by on the sidelines while the state of our country deteriorates.

Therefore, we are announcing a bi-weekly meeting for Progressive Artists in conjunction with the Poor People’s Campaign Arts & Culture Working Group of L.A., although you do not need to be in L.A. to attend.

The first joint meeting will be Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, from 7pm to 8:30pm PST.

On behalf of the 140 million poor and low-income people in the country, the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival insists that the following policies from the Poor People’s Jubilee Platform take precedence during the first 50-100 days of the new administration and 117th Congress. The 14 policy priorities include:

  1. Enact comprehensive and just COVID-19 relief that provides free testing, treatment, vaccines and direct payments to the poor
  2. Guarantee quality health care for all, regardless of any pre-existing conditions
  3. Raise the minimum wage to $15/ hour immediately
  4. Update the poverty measure
  5. Guarantee quality housing for all
  6. Enact a federal jobs program to build up investments, infrastructure, public institutions, climate resilience, energy efficiency and socially beneficial industries and jobs in poor and low-income communities
  7. Protect and expand voting rights and civil rights
  8. Guarantee safe, quality and equitable public education, with supports for protection against re-segregation
  9. Comprehensive and just immigration reform
  10. Ensure all of the rights of indigenous peoples
  11. Enact fair taxes and targeted tax credits
  12. Use the power of executive orders
  13. Redirect the bloated Pentagon Budget towards these priorities as matters of national security
  14. Work with the PPC to establish a permanent Presidential Council to advocate for this bold agenda

We are asking our community members to come forward with either: artistic projects that focus on the Progressive values listed above; or be willing to volunteer your time for an artistic project that advances Progressive ideals.

Any projects that are completed from this group, will be publicized and distributed to Greater & Grander’s mailing list of over 13,000 people, including leaders in the arts, and high-profile entertainment industry members.

Register here to be part of it.

John Oliver said it best, this is a, “generational battle.” It will not be won overnight, but it will not be won without art.

This group is open to artworks of all mediums (fine art, infographics, interactive art, documentary, podcast, film & TV, whatever you have in mind).

Guidelines for Presenting Your Progressive Projects

  1. Projects must support one of the 14 policy priorities listed above.
  2. This is not just a social group, this group is about Getting Shit Done. We are gathering and collaborating in order to make the world a better place.
  3. No asking for money. We’re all artists, we don’t have any money.
  4. This is a choose your own adventure model. Everyone can present their projects and ideas, and then everyone can choose what they want to work on.
  5. Identify yourself.
    1. Name
    2. City/Neighborhood
    3. Pronouns
    4. Relevant Accomplishments
  6. Describe Your 1 Project, including Medium, and 2 sentence logline pitch.
  7. Describe succinctly, why is this a Progressive art project? 2 Sentences limit suggested.
  8. Describe what phase your project is in.
    1. Development – Concept creation, writing, brainstorming, etc.
    2. Pre-production – Identified the project scale, started gathering the elements.
    3. Production – Actively making the project.
    4. Post-Production – Finishing the project.
    5. Distribution – Sharing, or seeking venues to share the project.
  9. Succinctly state what help you are asking for, how much you need, and when you need it by. Some examples of what you could ask for include (but are not limited to);
    1. Grant Writer
    2. Umbrella or Sponsor Organization
    3. General or Other Writing Contribution
    4. Screenwriting
    5. Poetry Writing or Submissions
    6. Rewriting or Text Editing Feedback
    7. Budget, Schedule, Planning Documents
    8. Graphic Design
    9. Photography
    10. Illustrations
    11. Actors
    12. Interview Subjects
    13. Stock Footage
    14. Camera Professional (w/ or without equipment?) to record something (interviews, performance, etc.)
    15. Editing
    16. Editing Creative Notes/Feedback
    17. Motion Graphics and/or animation
    18. Music (w/ or without lyrics?)
    19. Singing Vocals
    20. Voice Acting
    21. Curriculum Designer
    22. Venue (what kind?)
  10. With any project or idea that is suggested, do not say no, or can’t (unless it’s actually illegal or physically impossible). Instead, try to focus on, “Yes and…” in order to add possibilities.
  11. With all projects, we welcome recommendations. When providing recommendations, there is a difference between advice, and connection. Advice is, “I heard about this thing and you should look into it.” A connection is, “I know this person/venue, and I think you would benefit from me connecting them with you, and I would be happy to do that.” Advice is welcome, but should be handled in the chat. Connections are welcome, and can be dealt with at any time.
  12. Any projects that are completed from this group, will be publicized and distributed to Greater & Grander’s mailing list of 13,000 people.
  13. Standard Don’t be a Dick Rules.
    1. No racism, classism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, etc.

Goals for these projects can be wide-ranging, including (but not limited to):

  • Energize the Progressive base to regularly vote, or register voters.
  • Inspiring people and communities with progressive goals
  • Creating a model/vision for the future
  • Designed to move people to the left
  • Disseminate information on Progressive causes
  • Support Progressive organizations and campaigns
  • Provide representation and empowerment to marginalized communities
  • Other Progressive goals

Future sessions will include a variety of activities, including social events, and guest speakers.

Admittance is limited to the first 100 people who join, first come first serve.

Other examples of art used for social change and activism:

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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