Ricardo Tomasz Artist Statement (short version)

Ricardo Tomasz in His Own Words

I am a multi-disciplined artist, being actively engaged in multiple mediums at once, including painting, writing, film/video, photography, collage, 3D modeling, sound art, technology, puppetry, and performance art.  Some processes may be layered on one another, but all have one underlying element, which is the use of storytelling in order to elevate the viewer to a higher mental state, and a widening of their perceived world.

Many of my techniques arise out of experimentation with converging ideas, converging mediums, and converging perspectives and are inspired by human centric activity.  This is designed to create something that is both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

In my work, ideas that are surreal, mythological, street, postmodern, and pop are layered in meaning as a dream might be, while using bright colors, and conceiving from an autobiographical perspective. 

My process is very thorough, I will take hundreds of elements (text, photographs, etc.), and then winnow them down to the best ones.  From there, I will modify them though digital apps or physical coating, create silhouette style designs. From there, I blow up the silhouette images, and carve out stencils with an exacto-knife, which allows me to then use the large stencils to create mass-copying of the images, either on canvas, alternative backing, or on approved walls as street art.  

The message behind my work is that we are all artists, and art is something special.  Art is two things at the same time; art is the great democratizing factor, in that anyone and everyone can create art regardless of whether or not it sells; and art is also the most precious natural resource we have, because art can inspire people in ways that other commodities can’t.

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