Ricardo Tomasz’s extravagant performance in Sound Pedro! (Crawling Out of The Scholomance)

Soundpedro2022 continues to explore sound as we shift from the idea of “ear orientation” toward that of “sound intake.” In other words, broadening the auditory perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon toward the physical reception of sound as experiential. Presentations explore or incorporate acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics, audio technologies, listening actions, performance actions, spatialization, conceptualization, liberalization, hearing anatomies, found sound, environmental sound, AI, etc.

Here are the audio tracks that Ricardo Tomasz made on-site;

Into The Void
This sound horror piece follows our heroine as she is transported to a supernatural void of her own mind, where she is hunted, and forced to face her traumatic past. Using wind and women vocals to convey an ominous mood.

Crawling Out of The Scholomance
This sound horror piece follows our hero as he crawls out of the Scholomance, a school where witches are taught by the Devil himself, only to be dragged back in at the last minute.

Dear Los Angeles… January
In this kaleidoscopic montage, we travel through a surreal Los Angeles, where sights are not what they seem, changing on us at every turn, in a candy-colored version of the city of angels.

Ricardo Tomasz is a multidisciplinary artist, who focuses on storytelling in his work, layering surreal, mythological, street, postmodern, and pop styles while using bright colors and iconography. He is most proud of his work making public murals for the City of Los Angeles.

As Ricardo Tomasz said, “It is an honor to be celebrated with my fellow artists, including the wonderful Amabelle Aguiluz https://www.soundpedro.org/2022/amabelle-aguiluz, who is my fellow member of the Level Ground Artist Collective https://levelground.co/join.”

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