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Welcome to Make It Pop Marketing services, a premier provider of communications strategy services that specialize in publicity campaigns, public affairs, and web-based communication solutions. Our expertise and focus are designed to deliver measurable results for your project.

Our team uses a variety of proven techniques to shape public opinion and build networks of support for your project across the Hollywood community. Our services include strategic planning and development, grassroots and community outreach, coalition development, highly targeted lead generation, social media campaigns, email marketing, and aggressive press campaigns.

At Make It Pop Marketing, we are committed to delivering quantifiable results for our clients. Our targeted campaigns are designed to build and strengthen your brand, and our methods have been tried and tested to deliver results. Trust us to help you navigate the complex world of Hollywood and reach your goals. Contact us today to see how we can help you Make It Pop!

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What is Alternative Marketing?

Alternative marketing strategies are low cost ways to target specific neighborhoods, age groups, ethnic communities, and/or specific literacy families with messages focusing on your product and content. Such strategies include the use of viral videos, blog posts, podcasts, and other electronic media scattered throughout the online community to deliver a message. Make It Pop Marketing specializes in alternative marketing, viral branding, and content dissemination. 

I have a couple of videos already, how can you help me?

One of the things alternative marketing can focus on is content dissemination, which means the posting of your video, music, or blog content to over 80 websites which will be part of the Make It Pop Marketing network.  At the same time the files are posted, we will also post targeted keywords and website information.  This mass posting of your information will boost YouTube and Google search rankings, and drive traffic from your key demographics in the US, and around the world to any web page of your choice

Can you create a press release for me?

Yes, Make It Pop Marketing will create a concise and effective press release and disseminate it throughout the web for you.

I’m not a prolific writer, and I don’t have time to constantly update a blog.  Can you create and manage my blog for me?

Yes, Make It Pop Marketing can manage multiple blogs on your production, and company’s behalf.  We have the expertise to administer your primary blog to represent you in the marketplace, and also generate blogs on several websites throughout the internet providing you with positive reviews.  We have a stable of crack writers we can call upon, to create blog content on a weekly or even daily basis, that meets with the tone and theme of the project’s message.

I already have a website and blogs.  Can you help me with content optimization?

Yes, Make It Pop Marketing can develop the creative content that will suit the client best, and focus their message, so it hammers home a point with SEO, and won’t get lost in the online shuffle.

Do you know how to perform e-mail marketing?

Yes, Make It Pop Marketing can perform both targeted e-mail marketing, and e-mail blast marketing.  We will send out an e-mail blast to the 50 most viewed blogs on the internet, encouraging them to repost your content and links on their site.  We will also help you generate your own e-mail list, and combine it with our own internal list  of 6,000 recipients (including many entertainment industry professionals).    

How can you help me build my own e-mail list?

Make It Pop Marketing can create special pages and websites that will generate leads, and encourage consumers to submit their information, so clients can create a profit conversion, and reach out to perspective customers and fans.

I’m interested in a viral video campaign.  Do you produce viral videos?

Yes, Make It Pop Marketing works with the a client’s budget and schedule to create online content that highlights your product/brand, drives traffic, and creates buzz for your company and content.

How do I use social media to build my business?

Make It Pop Marketing can teach you, and give you the ability to optimize your social media presence in order to disseminate your message as much as needed.

I like your expertise, but I want to do this all myself.  Can you work as a consultant?

Yes, Make It Pop Marketing can work with you to strategize an ideal method for traffic dissemination, and content optimization.  We offer one on one consultation in person or by phone, and we can also deliver a written report of recommended (and detailed) courses of action. 

How long are your reports?

All written reports are generally 10 pages long, and scope out short term recommendations, long term recommendations, and the assets needed to complete them. 

How much will you charge for consultation?

The first consultation (whether by phone or face to face) is always free.  Our price structure for written reports and additional consultation is outlined in our rate card.  We offer discounts for some independent filmmakers depending on the project.  We also offer a special rate for our long term service clients.

How does your long term service work?

We offer a low monthly payment option, during which time, all of our services are available to the client.  We require a minimum of three months in advance, and the monthly payment is dependent upon the type of company/project, and the types of services that will be needed over the projected term.  Rather than a pay as you go method, this long term monthly payment allows the flexibility that many growing companies and projects need.