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Media Achievement Consultations (MAC) is creative and business development consultation, to help you navigate the ever-changing media landscape.  We offer opportunities to learn from the best Producers working in Hollywood, on the intricacies and possibilities of making up to 8 micro and low budget films a year.  We now offer one-on-one media consultations to show how you can build an aggressive media portfolio, and see a return on investment.

Can you help me set up a production company?

Yes, MAC can help you set up your own film production company, and create a diverse creative portfolio and media library to balance your investments.  We can walk you through the process of creating or finding quality, and commercially viable scripts for little or no cost.

How much could I make my first film for?

With MAC’s help, you could make you first film for as low as $36,000, and still see a return on investment.

Can I get good actors and production value for that budget?

Yes, MAC can teach you how to cast quality actors for free, and how to shoot a movie in as little as 2 weeks.  We can teach you how to find and hire a crew (director, editor, special effects designer, etc.) for a low budget, and complete your feature film(s).

What do I do once the film is complete?

MAC has experience attending the Cannes Film Market in France, the Berlin Film Market in Germany, and the American Film Market in Los Angeles.  Our expertise will aide you in setting up U.S. and overseas distribution, and teach you everything you need to know to start placing your movies in video stores, Netflix, and setting up a low-cost social networking apparatus to build your niche market, and base audience.

Why do you do all this?

Because MAC cares about helping filmmakers and digital storytellers who are starting out, and want to support artists and small businesses.  There are several reasons to support independent films: they stimulate the local economy; they develop talent; they bring forward new ideas; they give small business leaders an opportunity to work in the artistic community with celebrities; and they create more local jobs than any other investment.  That’s why we care about independent films, and we give you the tools and knowledge you need to make your visions come true.

I like your expertise, but I want to do this all myself.  Can you work as a consultant?

Yes, MAC can work with you to strategize and build your feature film business.  We offer one on one consultation in person or by phone, and we can also deliver a written report of recommended (and detailed) courses of action. 

How long are your reports?

All written reports are generally 10 pages long, and scope out short term recommendations, long term recommendations, and the assets needed to complete them. 

How much will you charge for consultation?

The first consultation (whether by phone or face to face) is always free.  Our price structure for written reports and additional consultation is outlined in our rate card on the printed materials page.  We offer discounts for some independent filmmakers depending on the project.  We also offer a special rate for our long term service clients.

How does your long term service work?

We offer a low monthly payment option, during which time, all of our services are available to the client.  We require a minimum of three months in advance, and the monthly payment is dependent upon the type of company/project, and the types of services that will be needed long term.  Rather than a pay as you go method, this long term monthly payment allows the flexibility that many growing companies and projects need.

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