Sound Pedro 2021: Ricardo Tomasz

Greater & Grander would like to congratulate Ricardo Tomasz on his artwork being officially selected to Soundpedro2021: Virtual Ear-Oriented Multi-Sensory Presentations, on JUNE 5TH Audioscapes “A YEAR IN THE FOREST”, designed to replicate the rejuvenating aspects of nature.

Soundpedro2021 will build upon the new covid-responsive infrastructure created for soundpedro2020, providing an expanded range of works and number of events. The June 5th Virtual Kick Off begins a series of online presentations that conclude on November 27th, National Listening Day. An onsite event MIGHT take place in the Fall, CDC guidelines permitting. 

FLOOD, the artist group that produced Long Beach SoundWalk for 10 years, is working in partnership with Angels Gate Cultural Center. Now in its fifth year, soundpedro is an experimental niche event presenting ear-oriented art that investigates the way we listen. soundpedro is not a music event. 

Soundpedro2021 CALENDAR: (Subject to change as more information becomes available, with additional presentations TBA through November)

June 5th:  An evening of audioscapes – online stream of sound compositions. Encouraging community members to broadcast soundpedro2021 from their porches, balconies, windows live during the Kick-Off.

July 12:  Earmaginations [silent videos] – new and retrospective. 

July 18:  World Listening Day: Alex Braidwood, Board Member, World Forum for Acoustic Ecology will host a performance.

July 28: Artist Curated Event (ACE) PopUp – First of a series of artist curated events, other dates between August and November TBA. 

August 5 and 11: VDOOBV : Virtual BreakOut During the OutBreak Videos. 

November 18:  UnƧightly: Sound Poetry

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