Street Art at The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California; Show Before Night in Paint

This week’s contribution comes from noted artist, and Greater and Grander contributor, Ricardo Tomasz.

Art adds unique color to our streets and beautifies our communities. That’s why Los Angeles District 4 councilmember, David Ryu, announced his groundbreaking Utility Box Art Program in November 2017 to improve Los Angeles neighborhoods while supporting local artists. This program sponsors local artists to turn blank utility boxes into stunning works of public art.

While the program has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the program has recently reopened, and one of its first completed junction boxes, post-pandemic, is Greater & Grander’s own, Ricardo Tomasz.

Located at the intersection of Highland Ave. and Pat Moore Way, Ricardo Tomasz has completed his work, “Show Before Night in Paint” which was inspired by noted street artist, Banksy, right in front of the Hollywood Bowl.

Hollywood Bowl, Street Art, Junction Box, Los Angeles, California, Mural, graffitiart, streetarteverywhere, wallart, artist, star, purple, orange, gold, hollywood and vine, street sign, building, silhouette, beach, sky, ferris wheel
Art by Ricardo Tomasz
Hollywood Bowl, Street Art, Junction Box, Los Angeles, California, Mural, artwork, streetartist, graff, streetartphotography, star, orange, black, ferris wheel, silhouette, beach, santa monica pier
Art by Ricardo Tomasz
Hollywood Bowl, Street Art, Junction Box, Los Angeles, California, Mural, streetstyle, painting, contemporaryart, urban, star, orange, yellow, gold, beach, silhouette, santa monica pier, sky, clouds, wardrobe, armoire, downtown, sunrise, glossy spraypaint, portal, the lion the witch and the wardrobe
Art by Ricardo Tomasz

You can now purchase beautiful art like this at an affordable price for your home.  Check out the link to Ricardo Tomasz’s Saatchi page.

You can also buy this design and others on RedBubble.


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