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Steph LeHane (they/he/she, any, whatever honestly) is an Orange County, CA native, a fact which often surprises people upon learning. Steph is also an only child, which never surprises anyone. The source of all things great in Steph’s life can be traced back to a single origin: Shrek. Stumbling upon the Broadway cast recording of the genre-defining Shrek the Musical is what led Steph to change their community college major to theatre and ultimately pursue acting professionally. In personal matters, Steph met their wife, Hannah, on r/Shrek in 2013, and the rest is history. In addition to acting both on stage and screen, Steph also dabbles in standup comedy, regaling open mic audiences with their lengthy history as “the woman” in over 35 (and counting) gay adult films. Always a classic. Some of Steph’s most recent credits include Bullets Over Antebellum (2024), as well as the world premiere production of Frozen Fluid at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“You can’t misgender me in any way that matters,” they whisper to the mirror every morning.