The Exotic Travelers Club

The Exotic Travelers Club Themed Bar and Cabaret, A Greater & Grander Proposal

As a follow up to our Old LondonTown theme park proposal, we are proud to present our pitch for an improv and dinner theatre club located in that theme park, The Exotic Travelers Club!

The Exotic Travelers Club is a themed club styled after a private club for world explorers, set in 1938. The walls of the club are covered with artifacts and photographs from various explorations. The Exotic Travelers Club will feature animatronics, puppets, and a cast of Exotic Travelers who perform in shows and improvisational comedy while mingling with the club’s patrons.

Shows and conversation will be laced with innuendo, and the patrons will be welcomed as guests, given fictitious names and “recognized” as fellow travelers, or simply referred to as “drunks”.

Exotic Travelers Club Story

Like Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca, a variety of people from all over the world come to visit, mingle, and share stories of explorations, while also dealing in illegal contraband, and schemes.

Past members include great explorers and bon vivants, including Mark Twain, General John Pershing, Admiral Robert Peary, Gutzon Borglum, Teddy Roosevelt, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, the Wright Brothers, and Betty White.

Colorful Cast of Characters

As part of the charm and attraction of this club, we’ll have several improv performers interacting with the patrons, taking on the personas of dubious scoundrels, explorers, and just regular weirdos.

  • Amera Cloudpants – The resident Aviator, this character is openly bisexual and she flirts with every club member.
  • Commander A.S. Muncher – The very model of a modern major general, with pith helmet and a thick British accent.
  • Richard Fitzwel – Club Treasurer, neurotic, and paranoid individual. Scared of his own shadow
  • Stuart Pendisduc – Absent-minded Club Curator, he is said to have “mounted every object in the club.” He can also give humorous lectures and dirty stories about every item on the walls.
  • Marie G. Vannah – Club President, and completely oblivious to all the dirty talk. The Margaret Dumont of the Club.
  • Shea V. Yerbush – Explorer and cabaret singer, she is known for being extremely promiscuous.
  • Jack N. Hoff – Contender for the World Explorer’s Cup, an overachiever if ever there was one, with a fake pencil moustache, trying to imitate Errol Flynn… poorly.
  • Bates – Club Butler, often referred to as the Master of the Club.
  • Ivana Humpelot – A parody of the sexy french maid, this overweight Russian woman works in the Exotic Travelers Club and participate in its activities. She is aggressive and flirtatious.
  • Vlad Tepesh – A mysterious eastern Romanian lord who makes rare appearances at the Club. A conjurer of magic, including the, “pick a card” trick.

The Rooms

  • The Main Bar – The central room of the club. The Main Bar houses the nightclub’s primary bar, and also has a small stage from which the exotic travelers often speak or lead shows such as the New Member Induction Ceremony. The centerpiece of the Main Salon is a larger-than-life statue. The walls of this room are filled with artifacts, and many have placards giving their history and importance, laced with jokes.
  • The Trophy Room – A small room off the Main Salon that features several shows throughout the night. The walls are covered with hunting trophies and bowling trophies from around the world, many of which move, and speak. The one major hunting trophy, the head of a bull moose, comes to live and speaks to guests.
  • The Cigar Lounge Room – Another small room off the Main Salon, the Treasure Room contains additional artifacts gathered by the club, and also hosts several shows throughout the night which feature the various characters. The smoke in the lounge is generated by a fog machine, periodically flowing out of hidden vents in the floor/ceiling.
  • The Haunted Archives – This room is the largest in the club and hosts the larger (and mostly scripted) shows, many of which are musical in nature. This room also includes an additional bar, and features appearances by the Ghost of noted explorer, Col. Seymour Butz, who died in the library in 1928.

Puppets & Supernatural Characters

  1. Col. Seymour Butz, who died in the library in 1928

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