The Ultimate Progressive Agenda

A new constitution to free ourselves of the mistakes of the past, and end the white supremacy of the original Constitution. We need a fresh start.

Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation.

As much as possible an end to geographic representation, which will by default end gerrymandering.

Dissolution of the “two” parties that dragged us so far to the right and into ruin, and international criminal trial of their members.

Full universal healthcare, even further than M4A, just a guaranteed right to medical care, including preventative care.

End homelessness while we’re at it, everyone has a right to a minimum housing of some sort. Not McMansions for everyone, but a basic standard of living.

End to tax exemption for churches, and collection of back-taxes.

It would be nice to end the indoctrination of children, but that’s probably a bit too far. Considering how big and secret Epstein’s ring was, probably a good idea to have a government agency to crack down on child molestation.

And while we’re at it make the last legal form of molestation illegal; infant circumcision.

Treat drugs like a proper medical problem instead of a criminal one, the only ones that should be illegal are ones where there’s a “second hand” form. And even there it can easily just be a situation where it’s “legal” as long as you’re not doing it around anyone who doesn’t want it. One way to think of it is to reestablish the right of non-smokers to have access to clean air.

On the subject of clean air, a new comprehensive environmental policy. A lot of people think about this sort of thing the wrong way, it will look more like nuclear disarmament than anything else. When the USSR and US disarmed, there was a lot of verification, and that’s what we’d have with countries like China. China would have permission to be in our business making sure we are following the rules, and we get to do the same over in China. Without verification, there’s too much a mentality of “If we follow the rules and they don’t, we hurt our economy and they take over.” So the verification is necessary. In this hypothetical we’re finally becoming the good guy, instead of bad guys who just aren’t the worst ones, so we’d finally have the ethical authority to forcefully crack down on foreign human rights abuses.

And on that subject we’ll need massive reforms at home. And end to private prisons, and as much as possible an end to prisons entirely.

Fully defund and replace police forces with the various programs we actually need.

Start some sort of proper ethical civil patrol from the ground up with no involvement from former police forces or unions. A lot of this is going to involve help from foreign countries to set things up. It would be impossible to solo transition from one system to another, we need help putting a new system in place from places that already have good systems.

And on that subject we’ll obviously need a new and better immigration policy. I’d like to see something negotiated at an international level, where people no longer need be bound by the country of their birth. Everybody should get one do-over on citizenship, since they have no control over where their mother gives birth.

Also a completely revamped education system emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, STEM, problem solving, and cooperation. Best way to do it would be on-campus pre-K through college for everyone, mainly to solve a different problem of not letting racists raise kids anymore, cause that’s the only way to get rid of racism, is to stop letting them create new racists.

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