Top Ten Tips for Meal Prep When You Can’t Get Out of Bed

Are you stuck in bed due to chronic pain, depression, or mood disorders?

It’s OK, we’ve all been there.

Well, here are 10 tips to meal prep from people who have been where you are.

I use my instapot to make easy soups or potatoes for loaded potatoes. I eat eggs with toast or Oatmeal. Just easier meals that aren’t very hard. Although sometimes the easy meals seem impossible. Just do your best. I understand how hard that can be.

Keep frozen Dinners in the freezer for those days you don’t have the energy or want to cook. Paper plates are fine. Frozen fish sticks, there’s a lot of different frozen food that’s good. Don’t get overwhelmed with this.

I have groceries delivered and chose easy, mostly microwaveable or eat as is. Not so expensive that way. We put so much into trying to not put so much into life.

Do you have an air fryer? I love mine because is a way to cook food without dirtying anything. … You can cook whole meals at a time like chicken potatoes and carrots all at the same time. Anything that is breaded and frozen. Italian Sausages turn out amazingly crispy and juicy. 

I get stouffers family size lasagna for when I have these days and it cooks in the oven a long time so you can relax or whatever while your waiting and then once it’s done there is no mess if you use paper plates. Left overs too! The tray is disposable. Super easy and my fam loves it. I also do quesadillas, soups, grilled cheese, frozen stuff, etc. For me it’s the amount of time spending cooking and the clean up! So easy dinners are a must

Frozen quickly prepared food. I say this from experience. Because or else sometimes I won’t fucking eat.

For a meal example. Buy some potatos or yams. Stab and yeet into oven.

Get frozen individual salmon fillets. Put it on a oven safe thing with some oil salt and pepper and like lemon juice ? and chuck it in there. After the potato has been in there for a good while.

Defrost some frozen veggies in yo microwave. You have a meal that took you minimal effort.

Crock pot barbecue meatballs are easy. Just frozen meatballs, barbecue sauce and grape jelly. Also, I force myself to eat fruits and veggies. When I’m depressed I don’t want them but after eating them I feel better.

Easy stuff to cook like hot pockets pre-made pb&j and mc and cheese stuff like that. 

Grab stuff you can eat without effort…pickles, meat and cheese roll ups, crackers with cream cheese, etc. I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Keep it simple and just make sure you get some kind of food.

I also take part in a mindfulness portion by taking in the aromas of whatever dish I’m making or doing a taste test. It’s an opportunity to be in the moment. And whenever you’re done, you sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor and if others are joining you, seeing they’re reaction can be a real confidence booster.

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