In preparation of full launch of Vote Solutions for All People in 2020*, Los Angeles County is seeking public input via their Vote Center Placement Project (VCPP).  This is our opportunity to contribute to voting rights in California!

If no vote centers are suggested in certain neighborhoods, huge groups of African-Americans and Hispanics will be disenfranchised.

The VCPP is now open Online at, and will close this Fall.  Here is the ask:

1.)   Go to this site and click on the blue box, “Suggest a Vote Center” to view the map and input your suggestions.

2.)   The ACLU is concerned with the reduction of polling places with the new Vote Centers, and the impact that this may have on disenfranchising voters of minority groups, lower income voters, etc.  Anything that we can do to reach out to individuals or groups in these areas to get them to input their ideas for locations is good!

*For general information on the California Voter’s Choice Act, passed in 2016, go to  Know that although all other participating counties will send vote-by-mail ballots to all registered voters in 2020, LA County will not start this component until 2024.

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