What is Religious Liberty?

What is Religious Liberty?

Here is a metaphor, in a nutshell, that will help explain it.

You like hamburgers. I don’t.

I run the restaurant, so I decide you don’t get ketchup or mustard. I decide you can’t have buns or drinks either.  You can eat your burger with kale, because someone else manages the kale. When you eat your dry kale-covered patty, if you choke, I’ll refuse to give you the Heimlich maneuver, and let God decide if you die for liking hamburgers.

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This may seem overdramatic, but Religious Liberty allows Doctors, Pharmacists, EMT’s, and any medical provider to deny health coverage for any sincerely held religious belief.

That means they can deny you medical coverage if you’re gay, or trans, if you’re an atheist, or if you’re muslim or jewish.

Religious liberty is a license for doctors to kill.

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