G&G Announces Collaborative Media Project: WER HAT GEFURTZ? on hitRECord

Los Angeles – As part of GreaterAndGrander.com’s ongoing mission of pushing the envelope, we are announcing a new project.  WER HAT GEFURTZ? is open for wide-collaboration on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative platform, hitRECord.

WER HAT GEFURTZ? or “Who farted?” is a short film and an homage to Mel Brooks and his edgy style of comedy.  When Mel Brooks released his first film, THE PRODUCERS, he was criticized by reporters and rabbis across the country for making a comedy about Hitler and Nazis. In response, he said, “You can’t denounce Hitler as a Monster because that puts him on a pedestal. Rhetoric does not get you anywhere, because Hitler and Mussolini are just as good at rhetoric. But if you can bring these people down with comedy, they stand no chance.“

To that end, with everything going on in American society today, and the rise and exaltation of the radical right, we at Greater and Grander wanted to create something that makes fun of Hitler, and brings him down. And realizing this, the creators of Greater And Grander discovered the fact that Hitler, had a terrible flatulence problem.  We’ve already received a terrific script by David Testerman, and wonderful other contributions from people all over the site.

While not everyone can follow irony and satire, everyone knows about cutting the cheese.  This short film is designed to be a silly, take-down of the radical right; to humiliate Nazis, and neo-Nazis.


We invite hitRECord’s diverse community of artists to come together through art, film, and music.  We will work to inspire the next generation of artists and visionaries, to achieve something Greater And Grander than themselves.


In addition to today’s commencement of the project WER HAT GEFURTZ?, future hitRECord projects include art-inspired apparel, animated videos, and a documentary series.  All of these projects are open to collaborations and submissions from all over the world.


Subscribe at https://hitrecord.org/users/Dear_Los_Angeles

The hitRECord community routinely goes above and beyond with what they create, and we are confident they will drive these new artistic projects to great heights.

Photo Credit to Twentieth Century Fox



HITRECORD is an online production company that makes art collaboratively with over half a million artists of all kinds. Under the direction of founder Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hitrecord.org provides a platform for anyone with an internet connection to participate in the creative process. HITRECORD has published books, released records, gone on tour, screened short films at Sundance and TIFF, and launched international campaigns with global brands. When hitrecord productions earn a profit the contributed artists are fairly paid. “Hit Record on TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt” — a reimagining of the traditional variety show format — marks HITRECORD’s most ambitious project to date. The recently released second season of the show will soon be streaming on Netflix.  The first season won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media. To join and learn more, visit hitrecord.org.



More than 15,000 Greater & Grander mailing list members care about the importance of great art and great media to nourish the American soul.  Greater & Grander is a collaborative community of artists, project managers, and technical experts dedicated to advancing great ideas, and great projects.  Founded in 2016, Greater & Grander raises funds through project commissions, including producing commercials for brands and important causes. Projects are designed to CONNECT people around the world with their incomparable artistic selves, vibrant culture and rich history, and INSPIRE the next generation of artistic visionaries.  Learn more at: www.GreaterAndGrander.com.



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