The Greater & Grander Artist Collective

The Greater & Grander Artist Collective is a community of primarily Los Angeles-based artists who share a desire to use the power of media and art in making the world a better place. We produce community-building programs for artists and audiences through collective organizing.

The Greater & Grander Artist Collective include:

  • Special Events
  • Paid work and group show opportunities
  • Monthly in-person social events (picnic, hikes, shows, museums, etc.)
  • Teaching and public speaking (classes)

Unlike other Artist Collectives in Los Angeles, we will NOT:

  • Show prejudice towards members by alienating certain racial, ethnic, or sexual orientation groups.
  • Show prejudice towards members based on their medium or area of focus.
  • Alienate benefactors who can help institute real progressive change.
  • Runpay to play schemes.
  • Ignore the members and their needs for socialization.

Current Members (Alphabetical by Last Name)

Displayed in alphabetical order by last name.

Nzuji De Magalhaes

My work vividly critiques social-cultural stereotypes, post colonial discourse, myth, ethnicity, and politics. I combine art forms learned in Angola and America to create work that conveys stories of my birthplace and stay in America. Presently, My work has grown into a three-dimensional arena, where she includes sound as another medium for great expression and artistic endeavors.

Esperanza J. Gomez

Bio Coming Soon

Steph LeHane

Steph LeHane (they/he/she, any, whatever honestly) is an Orange County, CA native, a fact which often surprises people upon learning. Steph is also an only child, which never surprises anyone. The source of all things great in Steph’s life can be traced back to a single origin: Shrek. Stumbling upon the Broadway cast recording of the genre-defining Shrek the Musical is what led Steph to change their community college major to theatre and ultimately pursue acting professionally. In personal matters, Steph met their wife, Hannah, on r/Shrek in 2013, and the rest is history. In addition to acting both on stage and screen, Steph also dabbles in standup comedy, regaling open mic audiences with their lengthy history as “the woman” in over 35 (and counting) gay adult films. Always a classic. Some of Steph’s most recent credits include Bullets Over Antebellum (2024), as well as the world premiere production of Frozen Fluid at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“You can’t misgender me in any way that matters,” they whisper to the mirror every morning.

Heather Meza

Heather Meza is a Chicana actress, singer, and comedienne from Chandler, Arizona. She performs stand up, sketch comedy, improv, and music in Los Angeles and Chicago. Heather is a Second City alum, with a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Arizona. Film and television, musical theatre, Shakespeare, collaborative theatre, and comedy creates the versatile performer with an inside joke that is Heather Meza. She is currently pursuing more TV and Film roles in Los Angeles while spoiling her dog, Kiko, with love and treats.

Ricardo Tomasz

Ricardo Tomasz is an accomplished artist, and storyteller, who has provided artistic services and public murals to tech startups, independent film companies, and the City of Los Angeles. Tomasz also created a series of public art murals through Councilmember Nithya Raman’s office, located on Sunset Blvd., and at the Hollywood Bowl, and tell the story of a diverse, magical, and brightly colored Los Angeles. He has also been invited to participate in group art shows and festivals around the world, including Portland, London, Izmir, Turkey, and the University of History and Art in Ontario.

Phil Warren

Phil Warren is a color scientist who is always looking for creative ways to bring image tech into art, and art into image tech- especially the forgotten, ancient, and seemingly completely obsolete ways of recreating the world around us. Ranging from recreations of Ptolemaic astronomy, baseball-card lenticular holography, 1850s tintype photography, and 1920s filmography, he uses weird science to make weird art, and even weirder statements. He’s been described as both “tall”, and “muppety”, though which muppet is anyone’s guess.